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We Use Legally Effective Methods for Resolving Debt

Is your company sinking in debt – because of debtors? There are different legal approaches to take, some more effective than others.

The most popular methods include hiring a debt collection agency or buying agency, but these have many pitfalls, namely a lengthy wait for resolution.

We are experienced debt collection attorneys, who will work aggressively to resolve your case successfully and within a reasonable timeframe.

How does Attorney John L. Friedman accomplish this?

We’ve adapted PROVEN debt collection techniques that involve wage garnishments, property liens, and other LEGAL methods to satisfy debts from debtors. These methods all comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.

These methods often provoke action to repay debts owed, long before a lawsuit is ever followed.

We have many years’ experience serving large corporations and business owners with recovering bad debts and outstanding accounts.

We can work with creditors of all sizes to win substantial recoveries, including banks, landlords, homeowners associations, retail companies, manufacturers, distributors, Fortune 500 corporations, credit card agencies, and small businesses.

We know how and when to settle debt collection cases, and often will be referred to other collection agencies when their efforts have proven unsuccessful.

We offer reasonable fees, free consultations, and flexible appointments.

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