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When you encounter a legal issue, fear and stress both come into play, and our lawyer can help you navigate the legal system – for a better outcome. The Law Offices of John L. Friedman are expert attorneys in a range of practices. We cover collection cases for businesses, criminal proceedings, personal injury cases, traffic violations, and more.

Our first point of contact is where a review of your case will transpire. We scrutinize the details with an objective view. We then provide honest and sound feedback for the best course of action needed.


When there’s a lot at stake, including your finances, your freedom, and your reputation, our law firm is the most logical choice.

Why choose Attorney John L. Friedman?

When it comes to legal cases, the burning question is usually: “Who Is Telling the Truth”? In most scenarios, it’s a he-said, she-said circumstance. The case can also prolong when an incident occurred between two parties only. Think personal injury or domestic violence cases for example. We’ll review the “real-evidence,” in order to tell your side of the story.

We have more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, with an excellent track record of success. Attorney Friedman understands the complex court systems in Baltimore, Maryland, and will ultimately help you accomplish your goals.

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